I signed up for CrunchyRoll today

I hate to say it, but Crunchyroll is getting me more and more interested in their site day after day. I’ve been wanting to watch Catblue Dynamite and Linebarrels of Iron, and they have both available on their website.

Before that, I was checking out as many legal distributions of anime as I could. Hulu.com is offering new and old anime. BostTV has anime, and so does Gonzo via youtube. Still, it’s not enough. I want it all, and if I have to go through Crunchroll, I will.

The anime fans have poo-pooed Crunchyroll for charging for anime they do not even own. Now they are on the road to legitsville, and I’m going to side with them. If they’re evil, then I guess I’m a little evil as well.


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